London-based head-hunting & recruitment consultancy.
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We are SESAME. We’re an unusual kind of PR recruitment & head-hunting consultancy that likes to work, as we put it, in HD+. In other words, we build brighter, sharper, more focused careers and cultures.

On top of that, we search laterally, finding people who can take on non-linear and diverse roles that will begin to change the way businesses do PR and Marketing Communications – and help them prosper at the same time.

What gives us an extra edge? Every one of us in the SESAME team has worked in PR and we still consult for a handful of clients. And by knowing the industry moment to moment from the inside out, we are – and will remain – completely connected.  


For all these reasons, we believe we are unique in what we do and how we do it, but it’s not what we think that matters. Let’s hear it from the people that do:

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Our purpose is to enrich company culture by democratising it and opening up lateral and diverse opportunities in marketing communications for all types of talent. And by doing so, we give those that deserve it a chance to stand out by capitalising on our connections.

We actively look for talent that fits with our guiding principles – we’re a bit like a member’s club that way. And like a club, we have active criteria we follow:

  • Embrace all kinds of difference

  • Together always work better

  • Honesty is everything

  • Kindness & manners cost nothing

  • Break the rules for better

  • Fun catches on

We specialise in permanent, long-term fixed contracts and selected freelance roles across Brand, Corporate, Technology and Healthcare PR, as well as content, planning and creative roles in the UK, EMEA and North America. 


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